Friday, May 29, 2015

Reception Details

Finally my last blog in the wedding series!!  This blog is about the reception.  I'm trying really hard to keep my blogs from being repetitive and having the same details as the other blogs... so I will try to add new content and not have the same blog as my favorite moments blog.

After taking our alter pictures we all hopped into the limo, and we listened to music and had some drinks.  I'm pretty sure that Sky was getting pretty drunk haha.

We went straight to the reception.  I think that we were there around 6:00pm.  The DJ came out to greet us and told us that most of our guests and our family had not arrived yet.  They recommended that we wait a few minutes to be introduced until everyone got there.  Cody and I wanted to be introduced right away all along because we wanted to mingle, get a drink, and have appetizers too.  But the DJ didn’t want to introduce us right away, because they wanted there to be a good flow into the reception.  They wanted to do introductions, our first dance, the toasts, and then go right into dinner.  In truth that probably was a good flow, but I kind of wish that we had pushed it and just gone right in.  Instead we just all stood outside for like over a half an hour to be introduced and didn't really have much to do.  This did give our DJ time to figure out everyone’s names.  He had a really hard time pronouncing Sky and Steph’s last name.  Of course they were entering in with each and he had to do them both at the same time.  Cody was also able to sneak in and step up my slideshow.  I had worked so hard on that slide show and it was really important to me that it got played during the reception.  Cody knew that so he made sure that it happened… even if he had to set it up himself.

The sad part about the introductions was that Cody and I were last so we missed them all.  But it was SUPER fun to watch the video that my Aunt Karen had recorded the next day and see how everyone came in.  My Aunt Karen started recording when my mom got introduced.  I loved the funny little waltz dance my mom did coming in.  Our parents were introduced to the song "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.  Steph and Sky were also really funny when they came in too.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were introduced to "Let's get it started" by The Black Eye Peas.  Cody and I were introduced to "Let's get ready to rumble."

After introductions went straight into our first dance, All of Me by John Legend.  I was dying to see how all of the tables and decorations looked, and I was tempted to look around during our first dance.  But I made a conscious decision to focus on Cody and to talk with him and be in the moment.  I figured that I could look at everything afterwards.  The dance was very nice.  I enjoyed talking with Cody and getting to spend some time with him.  He shocked me by twirling me 3 times in a row and then after that we planned out some moves.  It was funny how the crowd cheered every time we did something different.  I guess it’s boring just watching people dance in place… you can definitely feel the pressure to do something a little bit more interesting.


Right after we had our first dance we went right to the head table and Hannah started her toasting speech.  This is what her speech said: 

"18.  The number of years I've known Melanie.  Ill never forget that day in 3rd grade when I was the new kid in school and had to choose someone to come up to the board in class.  I chose eager little Melanie, a decision that has led to me standing here now.  We became best friends that day and have been ever since.  We've grown up together and have gone through many life events by each other's side.  From sharing a seat and seat belt in Melanie's dads van, to singing songs about our crushes which I'm sure our parents remember, through school dances, to high school graduation, to being college roommates which we survived by the way, to becoming the "3 amigas" and clubbing every weekend, then new jobs, becoming homeowners, and of course marriage.  A friendship like this doesn't come around often.  And a friend like Melanie is a rare find. So to you, Melanie, whom I consider not just a best friend, but a sister, I thank you for always being there for me.  I am so honored to stand by your side today and support you as you take this next step in life and marry your soulmate.  I wish you both lifelong happiness in their journey to come.  Having seen you together for years now, I now that won't be a problem for you.  Except maybe during those late night game nights we have where Melanie and I school you in Back Alley, right Cody?  But in all seriousness, congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Charles.  Here's to many years of laughing, loving, an of course traveling!  To Melanie and Cody!"

Next up was Chance's speech.  Here is what his said:

"Good evening everybody.  First off I just want to thank everybody for joining us tonight on this wonderful celebration.  It's nice to see everybody from New York make the trip up.   It's been a pleasure to meet everybody in the Machovina family as well.  So I first met Melanie when her and Cody came to up to New York several years ago, the first time they came up when they first started dating, and right from the start I knew from just the look in my brother's eyes that you guys were going to spend the rest of your lives together.  As far as my brother and I, we have many memories growing up together... good and bad.  Being two years apart we spent a lot of our childhood, all of our childhood playing games and fighting with each other.  Whether it was wiffleball in the yard, or wrestling on the trampoline, or going to Tony's house every weekend and playing with wrestling figurines, or getting together with Sky in Ohio and Florida on family vacations.  We always had a game, if we didn't have anything to play we'd find a marble and pine cones and create a game out of it and fight over it.  The three of us playing poker with grandma and grandpa was always a great time.  And then getting older and driving around in the sprawling metropolis of Hancock and going to Chico's house to play video games.  Not all memories are great.  I'm sure there are a few that Cody wouldn't want me to tell you.  Well here's one of them.  So growing up we lived in the same bedroom and we had a wooden door, smooth black wooden door,  I would put stickers up on it I would draw pictures on it, Cody... Cody would get mad and write certain phrases on the door.  What those phrases were, if you'd like to find out I'll tell you later on, I don't know if they are appropriate to say them now.  I wish I had a picture of it anyway.  But I love my brother very much, much more than I probably ever show him.  I would do anything for him, I would do anything for anyone in my family, and I know he would do the same.  I'm very happy for both of you.  I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness.  Cody I'm proud of the man you've become, I know you were my younger brother growing up and you always looked up to me, now I look up to you, I really do and I aspire to be the man that you've become.  And I just want to share two quotes before we toast.  The first quote I found, "Love is the greatest gift one can give and it is the highest honor when received."  And then also, "A good marriage is each for each other and two against the world. So go get 'em guys."

After that we had a few minutes right before dinner.  I went to talk with my mom and Aunt Karen at their table while I had the time.  At that point I knew that we would be going around all night talking with people, and I wanted to make sure that I got to spend some time with them before I got pulled into all kinds of different directions.  

This was the first time that I really got to notice what the tables looked like, and I was happy with how they turned out.  I hope everybody liked their candy wedding favors.  I know that people at the head table were excited about it.

I went back to the head table as the waiters started placing plates of food down for us to eat.  I had always heard that Carrie Cerino’s had good food and they did not disappoint.  I decided to try a little bit of everything… except the pasta.  The prime rib, chicken, potatoes, and vegetables were really good.  When I heard that we were going to have a green bean mix and carrots I thought that it was going to be gross.  Every time that I have had that at other places in the past it tastes very stiff and isn’t very good.  But oh my gosh was I shocked by the ones from Carrie Cerino’s.  They were cooked perfectly and had a lot of taste to them.  They were without a doubt the best vegetable blend that I’ve ever had.  The potatoes also had a really good seasoning on them and were pretty tasty.  I honestly wish that they would have put more food on our head table because we went through a lot of food and there wasn’t really enough left on our table for seconds.  I didn’t push the issue because Cody and I had a lot of rounds to make.  We wanted to go to all of the tables together and greet everyone.

It took us quite a while to get around to everyone.  We tried to stay at every table for a while and talk with everyone.  The most common questions that we were asked was when are you leaving for your honeymoon and where are you going?  I swear that almost every single person asked us that.  Eventually about half way through the tables we stopped going to every table together.  We were near each other but it would have taken just too long to get to every table if we would have both went.  I also found that Cody was talking the most at the tables with his family that I didn’t really know and I was kind of quietly standing there, and he was doing the same at my tables.  So I wandered off a little bit to be more time conscious.  I knew that they weren’t going to open the dance floor until after we cut our cake and did our formal dances and I felt that it was getting late, and I wanted to have the dance floor opened.

I think that David was the person that Cody and I talked to the longest while we were going around.  David is a Cleveland cop and we were talking about all of the issues that are going on right now in Cleveland.  I was glad that David didn't get pulled into work because of riots and that he was able to make it to the wedding. 

Besides Brandon, Reggie was Cody's only cousin that came out for the wedding.  It was funny when we got to their table he told me "You're a Charles now I've got your f***ing back."  Haha!

It was funny when we got to the table with all of dad's family and Cody came up and asked everyone if they wanted to do shots.  Everyone laughed at him because they remembered the reverse raffle night, and of course I told him no.  But unknown to me every time Cody went up to the bar throughout the night he was doing shots with people instead of getting a drink because he didn’t think he had enough time to finish a drink.  Gah!

We started cake cutting and we both cut it together.  They had two forks up there so I felt like I should use it to give him his bite of cake.  Cody made fun of me later for not using my fingers to do it... but I saw the forks and thought I should use them.

THEN he had to put on a show and act like he was going to smash cake in my face.  People were even yelling at him that it wasn’t nice to do, and he honestly had me going. When the DJ told me that I should get some cake in my hand just encase I absolutely agreed.  

In the end, he was a good boy and only dabbed a little bit on my nose.  Later on in the night he told me that he had been debating on giving me lines under my eyes just like a football player.  And I told him that he was crazy and that it was a good thing that he went with the dab on the nose, because I wouldn’t have liked the cake all over my face.

This kiss so would not have happened if he would have smashed the cake in my face haha.

Right after cutting the cake, dad and I went into our father daughter dance.  We had both been looking forward to this dance for so many years that it was really a good moment.  We talked a lot about the past and I gave him butterfly kisses a couple of times during the song.  I was starting to tear up a few times as we were talking and I kept having to tell him not to make me cry.  During the beginning of the song he told me to hang on afterwards because he had something for me.  I had no idea what that might be. 

I was so surprised when he pulled out a beautifully engraved butterfly key chain.  His girlfriend, Elaine, had given him the idea that he should get me something special to keep after our dance.  He told me that he went to all kinds of jewelry stores and then found this one at things remembered.  I was so touched by it and I’ll treasure it forever.  That was such a great idea, and I love that he gave it to me.  I don't think that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that.  Even Cody's family told me that they had been teary eyed.

 I was so emotional that I actually missed almost all of the mother/son dance.  I felt really bad about that and I tried to catch the end of it, but the song just seemed to play really fast.  They danced to Landslide by the Smashing Pumpkins.

After that we did the anniversary dance to see who the longest married couple was at the wedding.  There were a shocking amount of people married for quite a while at our wedding.  Cody and I were planning on going to the bar and getting a drink right after we got eliminated and then coming back to see the end result.  We were shocked when the DJ said everyone married under 5 years please leave the dance floor… except the bride and groom.  We thought he was going to eliminate us first by saying anyone married under 6 hours please leave the dance floor… but nope… they had us out there the whole dance.  In the end Cody’s aunt and uncle ended up winning with being married for 49 years.  My aunt Sherry and uncle Jack hung in for a long time though too.

After that the dance floor was open.  I was soooo beyond excited that Cody stayed out on the dance floor.  He said that of course he wanted to dance at his own wedding.  We had already mingled and talked with everyone so I was completely happy to dance and have fun with him the whole night.  I guess since this was my own wedding, it's good that I can say that this was literally the most fun that I've ever had at a wedding.  I loved the type of fun music that the DJ played.  It was a good mix up of different music, but it was mostly oldies and almost no rap/club music.

 I think everyone had a lot of fun during the twist.  I think that is a crowd pleaser. 

I was surprised by how much my mom and aunt Karen danced at the wedding.  I was so happy that they came out and had fun.  I had to find my mom during the Electric Slide though.  She was sitting out and saying that she didn't know how to do it... which is CRAZY!  because I have distinct childhood memories of her teaching me how to do it...  So when it came on I went to find her and I couldn't believe when she said that she didn't remember how to do it.  We did have a good time dancing to the YMCA though.  That was a song that was on our tape that we used to play every night on the way home from grandma's house.  Due to that I know every single line to that song.

I'm pretty sure that I am like the only person that danced to Cotton Eyed Joe.  And Cody and I were the only ones dancing to "Oh what a night" but ever since we've seen the Jersey Boys that song cracks me up!  The only songs that I requested the DJ play and I don't remember getting played were Achy Breaky Heart and the Macarena.  They did play Honeybee by Blake Shelton for us, and Cody rolled his eyes at me, but I told him it was our song and that we had to dance to it.  There were like two other people than Cody and I doing the chicken dance, and the dj stopped the song and got everyone to come up.  It was pretty fun after that.  I also realized that the Hokey Pokey gets old really quickly... and it is SO long!  I can't believe how many body parts there are to put in.  Finally it said you put your whole body in and I was like yeessss it's over.  But then it went on to putting your backside in!  Ah the song that never stops...  Speaking of which... I am SO glad that they didn't play the cha cha slide.  I know that people seem to like that song, but I've always HATED it!!  Yay for it not being played at our wedding!

Aunt Dar had an idea to play Rocky Top Tennessee for Grandma Barb and when it came on I got the family to come up and we all dosey doed around. 

Cody and I also had a blast dancing with the kids too.

Towards the end of the night, Cody was starting to get drunk and I kept telling him that he was coming over to me with his crazy eyes and crazy dance moves. As evidence to how he was carrying Kelsie around haha.

So much fun dancing together all night though!  I wouldn't trade it for anything... crazy eyes and all.  Once I noticed how his dancing skills were more leaning on me than actually dancing I started to bring him waters and pizzas to help sober him up.  I am SO glad that we cut off shots at 10pm, because after that point nothing good happens from people drinking shots late into the night.

For instance... Matthew and Cody both wanted shots towards the end of the night and couldn't get them from the bartender which in my opinion was probably in both of their best interests.  Cody and I did make a deal one time so that he could do a shot with the guys he worked with. We went up to the bar to get a cup of water and they were standing up there.  I told Cody a shot was ok if he'd take some water with it. He did better than that... he drank a cup of water before and after it.  I felt that was probably sufficient enough to keep him from getting too drunk.  Cody also had a good idea to spread our appetizers out and instead of serving pizza before the wedding he suggested that we should do a late night snack and have the pizza come out towards the end of the night.  That ended up working out pretty good.  At first I wasn't sure if Carrie Cerino's would do it but when I asked it didn't seem like a problem at all.

At some point in the night my Aunt Becky organized us all to get an updated cousins picture. It's too bad that Raquel wasn't able to make it to the wedding, but this is probably the closest we are going to get to having all us in an updated picture together.

I don't have any pictures of throwing the bouquet yet, but Sam caught mine!!  I ended up standing up there for a while.  The DJ kept calling more people to come out and then half the room was chanting for Cody's mom and the other half was chanting for my Aunt Becky.  So we ended up waiting for them to get back.  Poor Becky ran back in and was like "You guys waited for me?  Jeez I was in the bathroom."  I had been joking with Steph that she was going to be the one to catch it, but it worked out too cute that it was Sam that caught it.  I'm just glad that it was a girl that I knew that caught it and not someone random.  I remember at one of Cody's weddings I almost caught the bouquet, but then felt bad because I didn't know the bride.  I kind of dropped it and she had to throw it again... whoops...

I just have to say... Chance has some of the best photobombs that I've seen.  Cody and I were cracking up when we saw this picture...  but anyways...  When it was time for the garter I sat down in the chair and Cody made a big show of coming to get it. My dad stood there as if he was watching like a guard dog, and I shooed him away because he gave my hand away and Cody's my husband now so he's allowed to go after the garter.  Cody went in and used his teeth to get it.  Then he stood up and only had one of the two that I had down there.  He had the nice one that I wanted to keep and he was showing it off to the guys like he was going to throw it.  And of course I was like oh no!  I want to keep that one!  So I started to take off the other garter to switch them out and give to him, and then to my horror he makes a big show of coming back to me to get the other one.  He was so mad that I took the other one off!  Whoops!  I didn't know he knew to come back or I would have left it.  Cody was funny and did a fake out once before he actually threw the garter.  When he did throw it his cousin Dane caught it.  I think he was nervous when he caught it because he didn't know what to do with it.  So the DJ got him to do a funny dance and he got it onto Sam.

Then we were onto the Dollar Dance.  I really enjoyed getting to dance and talk with everyone.  I was slightly annoyed that my photographer took a picture with every person that I danced with, because I only had a little bit of time to spend with that person and I really wanted to talk to them. I hope that the pictures end up turning out good at least...  At the end of the dollar dance Cody and I finished it off by dancing with each other. At the end of the song he tried to dip me and he DROPPED ME!!!  Both of our shoes were slippery and I felt us slipping.  I was like ohhh no!  Then of course I couldn't get up on my own because the dress was awkward and my shoes were slipping.  Cody tried helping me and couldn't get me up on his own... so a couple people had to come over to get me up.  I sprung right up and was like "bride down... bride down..."  Oh man!  How embarrassing haha.

Towards the middle of the night my Aunt Karen moved our card box away from the main door and onto our head table for safety purposes.  Our parents really helped us a lot at the end of the night.  My mom took care of the majority of our stuff.  She took all of our extra food home for the night... which there was 5 full tins of by the way.  I think that was the most infuriating part of the whole wedding... we had probably over 20 people RSVP that they were coming and then not show up at the wedding!!  That is like the worst thing that you can do to someone on their wedding.  If you don't think you can make it don't RSVP that you will come and then not go and say oh well, because the bride and groom still have to pay for all of those plates of food for the people that don't show up!  Cody and I easily over paid well over a $1,000 at our wedding for the no shows.  Shame on you!  Just RSVP no...   but now I'm ranting...  anyways...  my mom was a big help taking care of the extra food and some of our ceremony stuff for us.  Our dads loaded up our presents and other reception items like our slide show and toasting flutes (which I was super protective of because I didn't want them to get broken).  Our dads packed up the cars while Cody and I handled paying Carrie Cerino's and our DJ.  Carrie Cerino's ended up throwing all of our table clothes into garbage bags that we picked up a few days later.  My dad drove us from the reception to our hotel room. We had to stop at our house to drop a few things off, and I was starting to get super crabby because I had no sleep and my dress was getting super uncomfortable.  But I'm glad that I didn't act too snappy and show that I was getting into a crabby mood, because I loved listening to my dad and Cody's conversation on the way to the hotel when Cody was talking about his favorite parts of the night and I'm glad that I didn't ruin it by acting bitchy.

I think that was a pretty good description of our wedding reception.  However, I am writing this at 3:30 in the morning and I'm trying to squeeze this blog in before we go on our honeymoon!!  To Cody's annoyment I have been literally spending all of my time blogging this whole week... so I have to make sure that I have plenty of time to get packed and ready for our honeymoon.  Our flight is at 7am Saturday morning and I work until 11pm Friday night... so tomorrow is my day to get everything settled.  I'll have to see if I can think of anymore details to add later.  It will probably be a lot easier when I get my pictures back from my photographer, and I will do another blog with my favorite pictures from the wedding.