Saturday, June 22, 2013

Celebrating Two Years!

Here I am with my best friend on our 2 year anniversary.  It seems crazy to me that we've only been dating for two years.  Maybe it's because we've done so much together and we are with each other so often.
We went to a local North Royalton restaurant called Carrie Cerino's.  It is a fancy place that had really good food.  Cody and I think that it is going to become our traditional anniversary celebrating place.
Here is the place. :)
We made reservations ahead of time and they placed this card on our table to show that we were celebrating our anniversary.
At the end of our dinner they brought out a cake for us!  We were pretty surprised by it, and it was pretty yummy.  Too bad for my diet that we had already bought ice cream cake from DQ to eat too haha.
Such a pretty place. I loved getting all dressed up to go out.  I spent about an hour curling my hair with my new curling wand, but I like how it turned out (besides burning my forehead on my last curl).  But overall we had a great anniversary night with each other. 
Now I just wanted to go through some of the highlights of our first two years together.  I'm sure that I've missed something, because we've done a lot together... but here are the highlights
I've just realized that I don't have a ton of pictures of Cody and I before we moved in together.  Hrmm...  I must have been trying to not scare him off or something.  Here is a picture of us during my first trip to New York.  I think we were dating for about a week or two here.  Cody went back his home town before me, and he paid for a plane ticket for me to come out to meet his family.  After a ton of issues with the airlines I finally made it out there! 

When we first started dating I worked at Bendix and I would go over to his grandma's house every night after work.  Cody lived in his grandma's basement for about the first year of our relationship.  I finished up my last year at BGSU too.  We spent about a year going back and forth every weekend to see each other.
Here is the night after I graduated from BGSU.  We had just moved into our Bungalow in North Olmsted.
This place was nice for the year that we lived there.  But I don't regret leaving it after a year.  The one car driveway was such a pain!  But honestly, it was a nice place to live while we were there. 
Over the past two years, we've traveled to New York to see Cody's family a few times.  We've also been invited to about 5 weddings since we've first started dating.  It was during this trip to New York that we both said "I love you" to each other for the first time. 

We went on what was both of our first cruise!  We went to the Grand Caymans, Belize, Cozumel, and Roatan.  We both really enjoyed the cruise and we can't wait to go on our next one!  We are planning for either Feb or March!  We went on this cruise in March during my spring break, we'd been dating about 9 months.
We spent our first two Thanksgivings in Las Vegas together.  This picture is during our first trip in 2011.  We had been dating about 5 months.
Cody converted me to a North Carolina fan.  Here we are in Vegas watching them play live in 2011.
Here we are in 2012 at our favorite spot in Vegas.  We love watching the Bellagio fountains go off.  We have decided it is our spot at Vegas.
During our second trip at Vegas we went to the Hoover Dam (2012).
We have been to numerous baseball games together.
We've gone to Cedar Point at least once every year too.
The first year that we dated was our concert year.  I dragged Cody to a bunch of country concerts and then I went to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with him.  This picture is at a Taylor Swift concert.  I think she put on one of my favorite concerts that I've been to!
Cody got to experience the thrills of the Corn Fest!  He's going on his third Corn Fest season this year.
We have stayed at Seneca Allegany more times than I can count.  Cody used to get free rooms there, so on our way to New York we would always stop off there.

I think the longest period of time Cody and I have gone without seeing each other was when I went to China with my dad.  Since then we've only spent a handful of nights apart.  Usually we are with each other every day.
We went to Niagara Falls just before our one year anniversary.  Cody booked this trip as my graduation present from BGSU.
Can't forget the Cavs games that we have gone to!  Luckily Swagelok likes to offer free tickets to different sporting events throughout the year so Cody and I have been able to go to a few Cavs games with really good seats.
Like I mentioned we have been to numerous weddings with each other throughout our relationship.  It seems like every year we get invited to a couple.
The zoo!  Cody and my first date was at the zoo.  We went back for the first time during Memorial Day weekend with Cody's family this year (2013)
We bought our house together!
And then went through the strenuous process of picking out everything for the house.  I'm so pleased by all the choices we made.  I'm also amazed at how well we were able to agree on everything. We had very few arguments throughout the whole process of building our house.  I think the area where we were in the most disagreement was about what colors to paint the walls, but other than that we have very similar taste, and generally wanted the same things.
Then towards the middle of April 2013 we moved into our house.  This was about 2 years after the first time that we had met.
Here we are in our favorite position.  We cuddle on our couch every night and watch tv together.  I'm so excited for our next years together.  I wouldn't want to share them with anyone else.  We have more exciting plans coming up.  :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hannah's Wedding!!

After all of these years Hannah's wedding day was finally here!!  She got married on June 8th 2013. I was so excited for her.  I actually woke up around 4:30 that morning and I was so excited for her I couldn't even go back to sleep.
The day started off with all of the girls getting their hair and make up done at Aveda in Crocker Park.  Here is Sam getting hers done.  She looked so grown up and gorgeous with her makeup and hair professionally done!  It started my tearing up for the day!
Steph getting ready.
The blushing bride getting her hair done.
Jen getting her hair done.  I liked her do a lot!
Here am I getting my hair done.
The other Steph.  Originally they didn't have her marked down as getting her hair done so she had to wait a while to get hers done.  Luckily the person that was coming in was able to push their appointment back.
I'm showing the whole hair getting done process with Hannah.
Here is Hannah's mom getting her hair done.
Here she is in the next step of the hair process.  She was across from me so she was easy snappings!  haha!
So was Sam!  I couldn't believe how old she looked!  My hair dresser couldn't believe she was only 14!  She thought that she was at least 20!
Easy snappings I tell ya... haha.
Sam getting her hair done...
Hannah continuing to get done.
They set her curls in her hair for a while before they took them down.  She had her hair like this while she went to get her make up done.
Coming up towards the end result!  Just getting the veil in here!
She looked stunning!  I absolutely loved how her hair looked, it was beautiful.  Her hair, make up, dress... the whole thing... she was truly a beautiful bride.  And I'm not saying that because I'm biased or anything... she really was.  :)
My beautiful sweet Stephie.
Cousin, Bride, and Maid of Honor.  I wonder if Hannah planned on wearing that white shirt... Good thinking friend... good thinking.. it made her look very bride like haha.  Although, I suppose the veil might have had a part in that.
Here we both are with our hair and make up done.
Here we are in the upstairs of the Olmsted Falls Community Church getting into our dresses and helping Hannah get into hers.  Here is Sam and Jen starting to tie the dress.  It took a long time to pull the dress and get everything into place.  At one point the two Stephs and I held onto Hannah while they yanked the dress into place.  This was my first experience with getting someone into a wedding dress.
Her photographer had one thing right.... the lighting in this spot was awesome for pictures!  He had all of the other lights off in the room and we were kind of laughing about it.  But honestly... even some of my pictures that I took came out great!  I sort of Facebook stalked him a little and I have some of his pictures at the bottom of my blog too.  I separated them to make sure that he got the proper credit and citing for all of them.
Here is another good one.
I absolutely love this one!  So pretty!  The lighting is really cool too.  I can't wait to see all the professional ones come out!
The Stephs!
Steph and I!
I can't believe how photogenic she is!
All of our snacks!  Despite all of our snacking I think we were all ready for dinner!  We were happy that it was served pretty quickly after we got to the reception.
Hannah's grandma. She was a little bit scandalized that we had alcohol in a church haha.
Hannah's mom and Steph.
All the girls all dressed and ready to go!  I'd like to point out that we were actually on time.  Everyone was joking that Hannah was going to be late to her own wedding, but I'd like it to go down in writing on the record that we were ready at least a half an hour.. maybe even longer before the wedding.  We were actually staring out of the windows as the guys pulled up in their limo.  Everyone got butterflies when we saw them, and we were so excited!
I ran out to give my mom my purse/camera.  Of course I had to get a quick photo op with Cody.
Here are the ushers bringing Hannah's grandma in.
Now Kyle's mom.  Gosh she looked unbelievable in her dress it was so pretty.
Here is Hannah's mom.  I guess it is tradition that the brides mother is the last one escorted into the room, and then she is the first one escorted out. 
Here are Kyle and Brian waiting for us all to come out.
Jen and Mike were the first ones down.
Then came Steph and Nick.
Joey and I.
Oh shocking... my eyes are closed in this picture...  You'd think I could keep my eyes open for once..... haha story of my life.
Then came Tyler and Steph.  I was a little surprised that Nick didn't escort Steph, because I thought he would have had a more important place in the line up because he's Kyle's brother... but I know that Tyler and Kyle were roommates in college and good friends.
Then came cute Sam!
Ah then Hannah and Skipp!  I'm pretty sure this is where I started crying...
So pretty!  I was straining my neck because it was hard to see her from where I was.
I love the back of her dress.  Such a pretty choice.
Here is Skipp giving her away!  So surreal!
Here is Jen reading some scriptures/quotes.
Getting ready to say their vows.
Hannah reading her personal statement to Kyle!  It was so cute!  I loved the personal statement.  Not everyone does this at their wedding but I was so glad that they did.  So sweet!  This is the part where I balled!  I was weak... I was so happy... I couldn't help it.  I've seen them through everything, and it was just unbelievable that they were finally getting married!  And the things that they said to each other were just priceless!  I hope that they frame their personal statements so that they have them forever!  They have Mrs. and Mr. frames that it might be cool to put them in... just saying... ;)
I think they are trading rings here.
Doing the unity sand.  I wonder if this was a pinterest idea... I'm going to have to figure out where they heard about this from.  Really cool idea.
Going to deliver roses to their moms!
Here is Hannah giving her mom a rose.
Now going to give it to Kyle's mom.  That hug says it all... you can tell that they truly like each other, and that's so wonderful.  So many people do not like their mother in law... so glad that they get along so well.  :) 
Legally proclaiming them husband and wife.
Turning around to be introduced to the crowd as husband in wife.
Going in for the kiss.  Gosh look how good her tan and dress looks in this picture!
I love this picture!  I almost feel like this should be a Facebook profile picture for one of them.  It is amazing!  I actually can't claim that I took it either... My mom totally missed it.  I stole this one and the one above it from Natalie.  She got some incredible shots!  She should consider going into photography!
You can tell with the quality who took this one... not hating on my mom haha.  But I like it anyway!
Waiting for them to come out!
All the girls getting their bubbles ready.
Here they come out to the group!
Love these pictures of them!
Love the bubbles in this one.  (Yes it's a Natalie picture haha)
So happy!
I love this picture!!!!  Such a cute idea... I'm not sure if this was one of Steph's or Natalie's... but good job photo taker.  This is another awesome one.
Here I am coming up to my mom and Cody.
Had to get one with my baby!  I loved my bouquet it looked gorgeous.  I wish it wouldn't have died so fast though :(  I took it home and put it right in water, but it's kind of dying already.  Still beautiful though.
Love this behind the scenes pictures... courtesy of Natalie again.
Ok... so... Natalie totally got all the pictures I wished I could have gotten.  I love this one of them too.
Their reception was at the Avon Oaks Country Club in Avon on Detriot Rd.  It is pretty close to Crocker Park.  Now before I talk about the reception I thought I'd show some pictures of what the hall looked like.  It was a very long hall.  Here you can see it.
Here is another view.
Here is a table.  You can see the name cards on the table.  I thought the name tags were cool.  They had neat designs on them, the people that got chicken had a symbol of a chicken that was in blue, and then the people that got beef had a cow in purple on it.  I think they had to do a seating chart, because people choose a specific meal that they were going to get.  I've been to different weddings that have different philosophies on this.  Some people have assigned seating, and other just block off a couple tables for close family and then let everyone else sit wherever they want.  I think I like both ideas.  I thought it was classy the way that Hannah and Kyle did it, and I think it was necessary for how they had their food served.  Their name tags were very tastefully done.  But I have to think that process was probably pretty stressful to figure out where everyone should sit and by whom they should or shouldn't sit by.  I don't think I'd want to go through that for my wedding.  I think I will just designate a couple family tables and then let everyone sit where they want.  But kudos to them for having it done so nicely.
 Here is one of the center pieces.
Here are the Stephs walking in.  They thought that they would be funny and walk in when Steph Crow and Nick were introduced.  Steph Crow was wearing a mustache and acted like she was coming in late.
Joey and I switched roles too.  I wore his jacket and he walked in carrying my flowers.
Not gonna lie... I was a little scared for my flowers.  I loved them and I really wanted them to make it back to my house haha.
Here is Nick and Sam.  They planned their whole entrance out weeks in advance. 
Here we are waiting for Hannah and Kyle to be introduced!
Here they come in!!  Everyone was up on their feet cheering!
Here they come over to us.
Once they got there we all started to break out and dance.
It was funny we separated into guys and girls.
You can see the girls together...
And here are the guys together...  too funny.  We didn't plan that... it just kind of happened that way.
Hannah and Kyle's first dance was right afterwards.
So cute :)
Here we are at the head table.
Don't they look amazing in this picture?  Gosh... Hannah's hair was just gorgeous.  I love how it was done.
Cody and I!  :)  I think this was one of my favorite pictures of us.
Steph and Jon.  I think Cody and Jon hit it off with each other.  I'm glad they were sitting next to each other.
Close up of their cake.
Getting ready to cut the cake.
They always say that this is a defining moment in a man's marriage...
Here is Hannah laughing as everyone is telling her to smash it in Kyle's face.
There they go cutting the cake...
The moment of truth...  I distinctly heard Hannah tell Kyle not to...
And he was a good guy and didn't... she did smash him a little though!!  Haha!  It's ok if the girl does it to the guy, because he's not wearing tons of make up that will get destroyed by it.  If he had smashed it in her face it would have ruined the rest of their pictures.  I've heard of guys smashing it into girls hair and everything...  I really didn't expect Kyle to do that though.
Still smiling afterwards...
Good job Kyle... not divorced after the cake cutting haha.  They officially made it past what could have been their first obstacle as a married couple lol.  I have a feeling that probably ruins some marriages right away.  I like seeing pictures of them kissing... they look very good.
Here I am giving my speech.  I gave my best speech at the bridal shower.  I was debating for hours what to say here, but truly I gave my best speech the first time.  It was hard coming up with new things that I wanted to say that didn't repeat what I had already said.
Sam and Hannah.  Don't they look sweet in this picture.
Here is Steph.  She's such a sweetheart.  She got so emotional during her speech and she did such a good job.
Sam and I...  I think she was the only one of us wearing her high heels at the reception.  You can definitely tell because she is about a foot taller than me in this picture haha.
The beautiful bride and I.  :)
Father daughter dance.  They had a traditional slow dance together.
I was so happy to see them dancing.  I remember when I first meet Hannah she called him, Skipp... it took her a little while to call him dad.  But ever since I've known them, he has been an amazing father to her.  He has always been caring and helpful.  It was beautiful seeing them dancing together.  And his reaction to seeing her in her dress was priceless.  He got so emotional and almost started to cry... it was so obvious how much he loves Hannah.  And it was so touching to watch.  I hope that Hannah's mom witnessed it, and was proud of the father she found for Hannah, and that bond that they have developed over the years.  He truly is her dad.
When Kyle and his mom came up... I was expecting them to slowly dance to their mother son dance.  The only excitement I expected was the big twirl that Kyle gave her as they got onto the dance floor.
But boy was I wrong...  The music changed in the middle and the busted out with dance moves.  I've seen people do this online, but I've never witnessed someone doing this at their own wedding.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!  I was laughing so hard I was literally crying.
When Gangnam Style came on and Kyle was dancing in a circle around his mom ... it was hilarious... oh my god... it was the funniest thing I ever saw.  He was too funny.  I wish I had a better picture of how it looked.  Just the way he moved was hilarious.  They danced to a bunch of different songs.  They even busted out a white glove and did thriller.  Too funny!  And it was such a complete surprise... it was so unexpected that it just made it that much funnier.
Here they are at the end hugging.  They hugged for a long time and it was so sweet.  His mom is so cool to do that.  Hannah said that she busted out laughing watching them practice it haha.
Steph and Jon.
Cody and I.
Hannah and I.  I love this picture of us.  Our dresses were so pretty.
Steph's parents.  My mom had a good time talking to them all night.
My mom was drunk from the moment that I first talked to her.  She was on the dance floor shaking it.  She had a good old time.
When Gangnam Style came on and everyone started dancing she started laughing SO hard.  It was so funny.  I have no idea why she thought it was so funny, but she was practically rolling on the ground, tears coming down her face laughing during it.  It was so nice to finally she her get out and have a fun night without my grandma for once.  Michelle and my aunt Karen were supposed to watch grandma for the night.  Michelle was going to watch her for a couple hours in the day and then aunt Karen was supposed to come stay with her at night... but aunt Karen never showed up.  I guess she called Michelle and told her uncle Gary didn't feel good... and then they never showed up.  I think Michelle was pissed.  Mom had about 15 missed calls from Michelle calling to see where she was at, because she wanted her to come home.  I told mom to just ignore it and have a good time.
Here are Hannah's parents dancing.
Hannah and Sam dancing with each other.
My mom and I. We stopped dancing for a second to take a picture.  I don't have enough pictures with my mom.
Steph and her mom... I thought this picture was gorgeous... what a great picture of them.  They look so alike in this picture!  Her mom looked great in her dress too... it was so pretty.  She was really nice to my mom throughout the night and kept going over to talk to her.  I was glad that people talked to my mom, because I was worried she'd be alone.  I was happy when she came out onto the dance floor and started having fun.  I guess I shouldn't have been too shocked... now that I think about it... my mom does like to dance.
Here we are again.
I really like this picture of the three of us.  I wish mom would smile more though!  The only thing that made me sad was that my dad wasn't able to make the wedding with us.  My poor uncle Butch died on the Monday before Hannah's wedding and his funeral was on the same day as Hannah's wedding in Tennessee so my dad wasn't able to make it.  He's known and liked Hannah for so long it was a real shame that he wasn't able to make the wedding.
Hannah's grandparents sitting together.  Hannah is so lucky that both of grandparents could make it to her wedding.  I know that her grandpa has been pretty sick lately, and I know her mom wasn't sure if he'd be up to coming to the wedding... but I don't think it is something that he would have missed.  I can tell that he really loves Hannah too, and I was so happy to see them there.
I made a point to make sure to take a picture of the two of them together.  I have a feeling that this is one of those pictures that you want to make sure that you have at your wedding reception, but it might not be one that you immediately think of.
I made my mom take this picture so that I'd get a good picture of my hair that was done!  haha
Gosh was that hard to get out! I was picking out bobby pins for an hour! And there was no combing my hair afterwards. I literally had to wash it and put conditioner in it a bunch of times before I was able to even try brushing it.
Hannah and Steph's dad
Hannah and Kyle at the reception.  They were a hot commodity there!  Of course everyone wanted a picture of them.

I love this picture of the four of us.  A picture does not exist of Hannah, Kyle, Steph, Jon, Cody, and I.  I was hoping that at some point in the night we'd get one, but it never happened.  I know that Hannah and Kyle were super busy.  They had a really great photographer that had all kinds of great picture ideas for them so there was just never any time.  Oh well.. maybe someday...  I guess for now I'll just have to be happy with having this one.
Hannah saying hi to Cody.
I grabbed her right before she threw the bouquet.  She was super smart and got two bouquets so that she wouldn't ruin hers, and she threw the extra one.
Saying hi to her uncle.
Here she goes throwing the bouquet!
The bridesmaids all tried but we weren't the ones that caught it.  It went right over my head.  If I had been wearing my heels I might have caught it.
Here goes Kyle getting the garter...
I was waiting for him to get it with his teeth, but he stayed family friendly and only reached with his hands.
Here are all the guys lined up.  Cody swears that he was in this pack and that he was standing behind a tall guy that I just can't see him in this picture..  Hrmm... not as inspiring as my cousin Aaron at my Aunt Dar's wedding.
Here are the two winners!  Kyle's cousin and Hannah's cousin!  Funny enough they are about the right age for each other!
The two drunks!  I loved the light up ice cubes that were in everyone's glass.  That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.  I didn't realize they were our party favors until Hannah said it at the end of the night.  I'm not sure if I remembered to grab one or not, but they were super neat.  They made the room look awesome.
Cody and I. 
Last dance of the night was Sweet Caroline in true BG style.  Here is Hannah with her grandma, mom, and sister. 
So cute.  Don't you just love her grandma's ruffles??  Haha!
He's so far gone in this picture...  He was so sweet though, he kept trying to find me to dance with me.  When I first met him I had to beg him to dance with me at all at any wedding we went out to.  But now he's seeking me out to do dances, and he was even dancing during the fast songs.  Love my Bebesee, even though he gets too drunk at the weddings we go to haha.  :)
Yep... her too... they were bad influences on each other.  I'm pretty sure they were drunk before the bridal party even got there.
 This just about sums them up at the end of the night.  Cody almost didn't make it into the house... we just had our drive way paved and it was blocked off with caution tape still.  He almost didn't make the step over it. 
Now that I shared some of the pictures I took I wanted to share some of the pictures that I grabbed off of Hannah's photographer, Larry Spencer's, Facebook page.  I was hoping since he posted them on Facebook that he wouldn't mind if I posted a few samples of them here, and then directed you to his pages to see them all. Hannah told me that he is in the top 5 photographers in Ohio, and he had a couple amazing pictures from Hannah's wedding day.  I snagged a couple of my favorites.  If you want to see more pictures go to and click on clients and then type in the password sh6713.  All of the pictures he took will be up after Hannah and Kyle come home from their honeymoon, three weeks from now.  It looks like you can buy pictures directly from his site.  That is such a great idea, I can't wait to be able to buy a couple of them.  That is so much easier than Hannah having to take everyone's order.  He was a really great guy, and I got to see him taking pictures of her twice.  Once on her trial run, to get her bridal pictures, and then on the wedding day.  I've seen some of their engagement pictures that are really good too.  He had a lot of really creative ideas.  If you like these pictures make sure to like Spencer Photography Inc on Facebook to see more of them.
 This was a fabulous picture of Hannah's grandma's reaction to her wedding dress.  I just love how she is absolutely beaming in this picture.  I love that Hannah is directly in front of her too, it's just a brilliant photo with her veil in the picture, but the focus is on her grandma.  So neat.  I guess this is the reason why you spend money to hire a professional photographer.  I can't wait to see the pictures of Leann and Skipp when they are out. 
Here are some of the girls helping Hannah get dressed.  I love how the light hits Hannah, and I love that it was turned into black and white.  It really makes the room look classy.  Larry did such a good job with this one.
Here is another angle showing us.  I think this picture looks awesome.
I love love love everything about this picture!  It is just a stunning picture.  I love the pose and the whole idea.  I love Kyle's big smile and seeing his mom help get him ready.  This was a great shot.  There are so many great pictures of Hannah... but I haven't seen a ton of just Kyle, it just this picture of Kyle priceless.
Again... another great shot by Larry.  I love how the train of her dress is laid out, and how they are kissing in the doorway.  Such a good idea.
I love the picture of this touching moment.  It's so detailed and looks amazing.
I took so many shots of Hannah and her dad and my pictures didn't even come close to looking this good.  And I was seriously trying to get a good shot too, I took pictures during practically their whole dance. I took a couple that looked ok, but this one is just great.  Another reason why Larry is so good at his job, and why you should hire a good photographer at your wedding. 
This is another one of my favorites.  I think this was my favorite part of the reception... it was so funny, and I just feel like he captures them so well here.  All of my pictures that I tried to take came out blurry and didn't capture the moment like this at all.  I love the look on her face and I love seeing them in action.  Such a great picture.  I can't wait to see more of his work.  I hope that Hannah and Kyle have the option to buy a cd with all the proofs on it or something, because I just don't know how they are going to be able to pick from all of these great pictures.
This last picture was true brilliance.  I had no idea that something like this was possible.  They got sparklers out and wrote out their wedding date.  So the effect is seeing them kissing with their wedding date on the side.  How amazing is that??  I never knew such a thing was possible, and it is such an awesome picture.  What a creative photographer to be able to pull that off.  I know that it wasn't easy, because we spent quite a while outside trying to get these sparkler pictures, but boy did they come out neat!  Remember if you want to see more pictures like Spencer Photography Inc online and then check out his blog for more pictures!  I would highly recommend Larry's work to others from seeing him work yesterday and the pictures I've seen of Hannah's wedding and engagement pictures so far.  Who knows... maybe he'll be my photographer some day...  I'm so excited for the rest of them to be done!