Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cat Tales

Here are some of the funny things we've learned about our cats over the last two months, plus some tales of their funny adventures.
Hello my name is Dex.  I enjoy my chin and butt scratched and I love my shoulders massaged.  I looove it when mom and dad shake my treat jar and give me a treat.  I usually like it when dad does it more than mom, because dad likes to give me 3 or 4 of them at time and mom only gives me one...  usually after she trims my nails.  If you come to visit me... I'll stay around you if I'm in a good mood.  When I see a new person, I think... Stranger!  Danger!  And I usually try to hide.  However, if mom seals off all of my hiding spots I'll hesitantly stick around and watch you from a distance.  I've even let a couple people pet me the last couple of times we've had visitors over.
I also enjoy climbing onto every surface that I can find, regardless of how many times mom and dad tell me not to do it.  However, so far... I have only broken 1 picture frame.  I'm also a "sneak attacker" if you leave your food unattended, I can not and will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods... please watch your food at all times.  The best time was when my mom cooked 6 pork dumplings for dinner.  She walked over to get the remote, and I jumped out on the counter, stole a dumpling, and ate about 3/4 of it before she noticed I even took it.
Hello my name is Cosmo.  I enjoy eating my food and my brother's food, laying around, and being petted when I feel like it.  When I'm in the mood, I will hop on top of you and snuggle on your chest.  I like the sides of my nose petted the best.  I also enjoy looking out the window at everything going on outside.  I love scattering mom and dad's wedding papers/flyers all around the house, and I also enjoy any type of box that I can find to play in.  If you go near the refrigerator to get a drink, I will dash over in case you accidentally drop an ice cube for me to play with.  If you come to visit me, most likely I will try to climb on you and try to get you to pet me.  I loooove meeting new people and showing off to them.  I will accept any treat you try to give, and if Dex doesn't want his... I have no problem eating that one too.
We start crying to be fed around 5:30 in the morning.  When mom starts coming out of her room, we run up to greet her crying to be fed.  Our food is located in the pantry, and we know it... every time mom or dad open the pantry we run inside of it.  On Sundays when mom and dad wake up later than usual, we about hop into the food container because we just can't wait any longer to eat.
The boys have designated places to eat.  Dex has his bowl on the left and Cosmo has his bowl on the right.  However, Cosmo usually finishes his whole bowl when he eats and Dex only eats about half of his.  So when Cosmo thinks no one is looking he'll start eating Dex's food too.  He usually gets squirted by the water bottle when this happens.
Here is Cosmo sleeping in Cody's chair.  Dex likes to hide different toys in Cody's chair and on our couch.  It's like he plays with them on there and then leaves them.  So whenever you sit down you have to look to see what he's hidden there.
Oh my gosh!  It's a new box!
Time to investigate and play!
Oh look... papers.  Why don't you let me scatter these around for you so that you can view them all at the same time.
Another box for Cosmo!  This was when he was little...
Both of them could lie in the box together.
Now he's big and takes up the whole box himself.
My little ham.  He always looks when I take his picture.  He's the most photogenic cat I've ever met.
Here I am with Cosi!

Here I am with Dexi!

Sleepy boys
Mooom... Do you have to take pictures of us?
Well we're awake now...  time to wrestle with each other.

Ding... ding... ding... fight time.

Ok... now that we've done that... time to go to sleep again.

I'm sleepy but I'll still give you a great pose.
Look at my boys!
Sweet little kitties.
Cosmo in a box!  What a shock...
Dex is like hey... can I get in the box too?
Pretty please?
I'm coming in...  move over.
I'll attack the box if you won't let me in...
Oh mom... you're watching us.  We are just being cute and adorable, no need to worry about us.
This was the first nice day of the year when the birds started coming back.
Dex on a surface he shouldn't be on.
Looking out at the birds flying around.
Cosmo staring outside.  He kept jumping up like he was trying to catch something too haha.
My inspector noticed that there were things outside too.  He had to get a good vantage point.

Now that he saw what was out in that direction, he had to look to see what was out the other window too.

Hi Dad... whatcha looking at?
He was trying to jump over to me to play with him.
The boys lounging together.  For the record, they do like to lay with me too.  Just no one takes a picture of it. 
Cosmo dancing to Gangnam Style.  He's the only cat chill enough to let Cody do it to him.
Cosmo has started to sit on the window sills behind the curtains and look outside.
There he goes!  Jumping after a bird out there.
He's so annoying when he comes into my computer room.  He likes to chase and paw at the cursor moving around on the screen.

There he goes trying to get it.  Then I have to yell at him, because he blocks the whole screen. 

Funny enough, I was in process of posting the pictures of him sitting on the window sill onto Facebook.
 Oh... you're taking pictures of me?
Here you go.... get a good one.
Before I hop onto your lap and sit with you.  So I hold him and pet him for a while and start re-uploading the pictures that I just took with my phone onto Facebook.

Woahhh... look at that handsome cat.  Who is he? 

 I just can't stop staring at him, he's just so good looking. 
I hope you have enjoyed some of the silly cat stories from the past couple of months!  We love our boys and they are just the best of friends with each other.  We couldn't be more happier to have both of them.