Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hannah's Bridal Shower

Hannah's shower was today, April 20th 2013.  I think that it turned out very good.  Jen and I went shopping a couple weeks ago for a lot of the decorations, and different things that were around the shower.
I have to admit, Jen is an artistic genius.  She has been in about a dozen weddings so far, and she really knew what she was doing.  She came over the night before the shower and helped set up.  Along with Steph and Sam.  Hannah and Kyle came to help setup the tables and chairs, but we didn't let Hannah see what it all looked like until today.
Here is Sam the day before setting up the decorations.
Here are our tables.  This was before we put the diamonds on them.
When we went out shopping we found these cute little mirrors, and we grabbed a bunch saying K, H, and J.  For Hannah, Kyle, and Johnson.  We laid those about the room. 
Here is Steph getting ready to put the diamonds on the table.
The master at work.
Here is Hannah when she came in today right before she got to see all of the decorations!
Here is a nice picture of the 5 of us.  The other bridesmaid, Steph, Hannah's cousin, hadn't made it to the shower yet.
Here is the decorated island!  I loved how it all turned out.  I just realized that I didn't get a picture of it with all of the food out.  We had a nice spread, everyone brought a little bit of something.  Jen came earlier in the day to make sangria which was very yummy.
This was the candy bar.  We had everyone make party bags of candy as their favors.  I thought this was such an adorable idea.  We ended up giving the hurricanes in the back away as prizes.
These little creations were amazing!!  Sam made them.  She got a wafer pretzels, Hershey's kisses, and M&M.  She melted the Hershey's kiss a little bit and then put a M&M on top.  They were SO good!  I already told Hannah that I am putting in my order NOW for them to be included in my shower someday...
Another view of the island.
Gram with the two granddaughters.
Kyle's family are definitely the decorators.  They were really on top of it!!  I really appreciated that they all stayed and helped me clean up.  When everyone left today my house looked the same way that it did before the shower.  :)

And I have to say that I was impressed with Kyle too.  He was really excited about it, and he took his camera around and he was taking a lot of pictures of the little details too.  It's nice to see a guy caring about that kind of stuff.
Two besties and Gram... what more could you ask for?
Here is the shot of Hannah and her mom when her mom got to the shower.
I thought this picture was adorable.  This is Kyle's mom and her twin sister with her grand daughter.  Kyle's mom is the one with the curly hair.
I was trying to get a picture of Kyle playing with the baby.  He was so cute with her.
Here is a picture of Kyle with his cousins and Hannah and Sam.
Before the shower I created a slide show with over 200 pictures in it.  I massively stalked many people's Facebooks AND Myspaces to get a ton of pictures of everyone.  I had a lot of older pictures from when we were in high school.  You can see Kyle's mom got a kick out of it, you can see her making fun of how young Kyle looked in these pictures.
Here are all the girlies!
Hannah had two cakes at shower one was chocolate and one was vanilla.  This is the first one says "Hannah is the Bride-To-Be" 
The second says "We're so thrilled... as happy as can be"
Here is my favorite picture of Hannah and Kyle from the shower.  I just think that this picture looks awesome.
Steph and Natalie playing with the mustaches.
Here is the mountain of presents Hannah and Kyle got!
Kyle with a sad face holding a ball and chain... haha.
We all had our jobs during the unwrapping of the presents.  Kyle read the cards, Hannah unwrapped the presents, Steph kept track of what she got from who, and I created the bow boutique.  Kyle's mom jumped in too to be the official "gift wrapping paper thrower awayer."
This is the first gift that Hannah and Kyle opened.  It was really pretty glasses.
There is a saying that when you break a ribbon during your bridal shower it is supposed to indicate how many children you are going to have.  Well... Jen and her mom spent over 15 minutes tying the ribbons on their presents to Hannah and Kyle.  Here they are trying not to break them.
I think this is the point that Hannah realized they had broken 8 ribbons...  We were telling them that they better get started haha.
Hannah's apron was a big hit.  Everyone was joking that Kyle needed to wear it.  Hannah modeled it doing different poses.
Obviously you can see that we all got a good laugh out of it.
Here I am presenting Hannah with her bow boutique.  I had never made one before, and it was about as hard as I expected haha... but I was really proud of what I ended up with!
Here is a close up of it!  :)
Here is Hannah holding it.  She will use it during her rehearsal dinner.
Here is the whole bridal party.
I really like this picture of all of us!  I'm sure there are going to be many more pictures to come in the upcoming months of us all together!
Hannah and Kyle with both of their moms.
We had to ding a fork on some metal to get them to smooch.  They needed the practice for their big day.  They were super embarrassed by it.  I think there were probably 10 girls standing in front of them with their cameras ready to get the picture.
I was so pleased with how everything turned out.  It felt great to be able to host the shower for my best friend.  I wish them both years of happiness, and I'm so glad that I was able to be apart of this step of their life.  :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Games we played at Hannah's Bridal Shower

We had a great time today at Hannah's Bridal shower!!  Here are some of the details on the games that we played.  The first game that we played is called the he said/she said game. Where you have to guess if the Bride or the Groom answered the questions that I read.  I had Hannah and Kyle come over yesterday and then I questioned them seperately for their own answers to various questions.  Some were really hard for them to come up with answers for... but there were a couple that they had the same answers on.

If you thought that Kyle answered the question you held up a mustache.  If you thought Hannah said it you held up a flower.  I was very nervous that everyone was going to get every question correct, and that I wasn't going to have enough questions to determine a winner so I grilled Hannah and Kyle with over 30 questions.  It turns out that we ended up playing two rounds of the game, and we only got threw about 15 questions!!  So for those of you that are interested in all of the questions and all of their answers here are the questions I asked them:
1.     The first thing that attracted you to your mate?
Kyle:  Myspace picture
Hannah:  Personality
2.       What was your first date?
Kyle:  Haunted House
Hannah:  Haunted house
3.       What were you nervous about on your first date?
Kyle:  Getting lost – finding the house
Hannah:  It being arkward and that we wouldn’t get along as well as we did when we were online.
4.       Where do you see the two of you in 5 years?
Kyle:  Married, getting ready to have our second kid.
Hannah:  Married, in a house, thinking about starting a family.
5.       Where do you see the two of you in 20 years?
Kyle:  Lounging on our beachside house in North Carolina
Hannah:  Kyle a rich CFO, and Hannah being a trophy wife drinking sangria.
6.       Where do you see the two of you in in 50 years?
Kyle:  Helping plan our grandkids wedding.
Hannah: Retired, and traveling the world.
7.       What I am looking forward most about the wedding is?
Kyle:  Taking photographs and making memories.
Hannah:  The party
8.       What I am looking most forward about the honeymoon is?
Kyle:  Scuba diving.
Hannah:  Spending two weeks in a tropical place with my love.
9.       What I love the most about my mate is?
Kyle:  Laughing and playing video games together.
Hannah:  caring ways and always wanting to make me happy.
10.   Once we are husband and wife, I am looking most forward to?
Kyle:  Buying a house and having kids.
Hannah:  Spending life together.
11.   One thing that really impresses me about my mate is?
Kyle:  Intelligence.
Hannah:  Work ethic
12.   I really hope our children inherit my mates trait?
Kyle:  Eyes
Hannah:  Math skills
13.   I knew this was the person I would be with forever when?
Kyle:  When we both wanted the same video game.
Hannah:  When we went through college together.
14.   If I won a million dollars, the first thing I would do is...
Kyle:  Buy a house.
Hannah:  Pay off all my bills.
15.   When I get home from work, the first thing I do is...
Kyle:  Change into comfortable clothes.
Hannah:  Change into PJs
16.   If your mate was a superhero what would their special power be?
Kyle:  X-ray vision
Hannah:  Geographical skills.
17.   The funny thing I say all the time is?
Kyle:  What’s up Jack?
Hannah:  Add jack to the end of everything.
18.   I would rather eat ______ than _________
Kyle:  Steak than spaghetti
Hannah:  dessert than real food
19.   What is your favorite gift your mate has gotten you?
Kyle:  My ring
Hannah:  Engraved necklace
20.   What are your expectations of marriage?
Kyle:  Free time and sharing a bank account.
Hannah:  Mutual respect, communication, and compromise.
21.   Where is the one place you have to travel together?
Kyle:  Hawaii
Hannah:  Hawaii
22.   What is the most fun thing the two of you have done together?
Kyle:  Traveling all around the area to see haunted houses.
Hannah:  Engagement night at the couples suite.
23.   If you two have a fight, who has to fix it?
Kyle:  Kyle
Hannah: Kyle
24.   What is the best thing that you can cook?
Kyle:  Cheesy mashed potatoes
Hannah:  Parmasean chicken
25.   What is your favorite type of drink?
Kyle:  mountain dew
Hannah:  sangria
26.   What is your favorite song/artist?
Kyle:  Dubstep
Hannah:  Breaking Benjamin
27.   What is the chore that you dread doing the most?
Kyle:  cleaning the cat box
Hannah:  dishes
28.   What is your favorite “Date” restaurant?
Kyle:  The Melting Pot
Hannah:  The Melting Pot
How many children do you want?
Kyle:  2
Hannah:  2
29.   When do you want to start having kids?
Kyle:  5 to 7 years.
Hannah:  5 to 7 years
30.   I was very shy when?
Kyle:  Meeting for the first time.
Hannah:  I first met my mates family
31.   My favorite memory of the two of us is?
Kyle:  Driving back and forth from Chicago talking the whole time with no radio on.
Hannah:  The night we got engaged.
The next game that we played was each table had to decorate a bride with toliet paper.  They had 5 minutes to come up with the best wedding dress that they could create.  Here are the pictures of some of our brides.
Everyone did very well, and it was really interesting to see how all of the different dresses turned out.  But in the end... Hannah selected her winner!!

The last game that we played was one that could only have been conducted by a best friend.  We played the RIGHT and LEFT game.  I wrote a story about Hannah and Kyle's relationship and everytime that I said the word RIGHT or LEFT the woman had to pass their prize to the person on either the right or left of them.  Here is the story that I wrote below:
"Due to the fact that Hannah and Kyle have been dating for about 20 years… you might not believe me when I say that it actually took Hannah quite some time to find her Mr. RIGHT.  No, really it’s true.  When we were in middle school and high school, I was always dumb founded by the fact that Hannah didn’t have a boyfriend. She was so pretty and smart, it just didn’t make sense to me… I guess I realize it now, she was waiting to meet her husband. 
So how did she happen to meet Mr. RIGHT?  Myspace.  That’s right…  before everyone LEFT Myspace for Facebook, it was really the RIGHT place to go to meet new people.  Kyle was browsing through girl’s profiles and clicked RIGHT onto Hannah’s.  He then sent her a message, and once she read it she replied RIGHT away “Do I know you?”  From there… it was history in the making.
I remember their first date.  I was baby sitting Sam while they went out to a haunted house.  Kyle drove RIGHT past Hannah’s house.  He had to call her to get directions when he was halfway down the street.  He made a LEFT turn into a neighbors house and turned around.  That was date one.
I’m not sure if Hannah knew RIGHT away that Kyle was Mr. RIGHT.  But I remember when I knew…  Pretty sure it was their second date...  I was out a haunted house with them, and Kyle bought Hannah and me a hot chocolate.  And I was like… OH yeah… RIGHT there… he’s the one.  I was like guuuurl you better snatch him up quick.  From what I remember, and correct me if my memory isn’t RIGHT.   But I believe that Hannah and Kyle didn’t rush into anything RIGHT away, they got to know each other and gradually started dating.  But once they did start dating I remember that they celebrated every anniversary that could possibly come up.  We’ve been dating 1 month now… we’ve been dating two months now…  However, I think they’ve LEFT off with that now.  I don’t know guys, does the monthly celebrations stop after 5 years??  I’m only teasing, obviously they did something RIGHT to be dating this long.  Which… Hannah and Kyle continued to date RIGHT through high school.  Then we all LEFT for college together. 
I’m pretty sure that Kyle and I decided that Bowling Green was the RIGHT college for us to go to, because Hannah was going there.  And I’m pretty sure that Hannah thought it was the RIGHT college, because it was RIGHT by her grandma’s house…  But in hindsight, I think that BG was actually the RIGHT choice.  Hannah and I knew RIGHT away that we wanted to room together in college, and Kyle knew that he wanted to live RIGHT down the hall from us.  I think he left his room most of the day, and hung out in our room.  But during the weekend nights… all bets were off, because Hannah, Steph, and I always LEFT him to go out dancing.  I’m sure that as soon as we LEFT to go downtown, Kyle probably went RIGHT over to his fraternity house to hang out with his friends.  But Kyle was always a good sport, and once he had a car in BG he always LEFT the house to come pick us up at night when it was time to come home.
It didn’t take long for Kyle to move RIGHT out of the dorms, and into his own apartment.  Once there, Hannah and Kyle fulfilled their wish of getting two sugar gliders.  This was probably the RIGHT way to test out their parenting skills together.  And I can say from experience that I believe Kyle will be a very good dad from that experience.  He never LEFT those sugar gliders wanting anything, and he always took really good care of them.
The college years LEFT a really big impression on us all.  I think that we all had a lot of fun together, and I know that Hannah and Kyle had their first tastes of living together soon.
Their relationship was probably put to the test the most when Hannah LEFT Bowling Green and started going to UT for nursing school.  During this time they didn’t live RIGHT down the hall from each other, and at times there would be a lot of time in between when they could see each other.  But time flies RIGHT by and they were closing in on their graduation days.
Now Hannah and Kyle had talked before about the RIGHT time to get engaged.  And they had mentioned that after Kyle graduated from his masters program would be the RIGHT time.  So it’s no wonder that Kyle was able to surprise her with his proposal RIGHT before either of them had graduated with their undergrad.  The first step was going out and finding the RIGHT ring.  And since he couldn’t find one, he had one customize designed.
Then he had to plan the RIGHT way to do it, and he decided to try to trick her.  He messaged her and told her that they should go out for a romantic dinner at Rosie’s Italian Grill in Toledo.  When she asked him what he wanted to do after dinner, he thought that the RIGHT response was to tell her that they would go to see a movie to throw her of.  When they LEFT the restaurant they went back to Bowling Green.  When they got back home, Hannah decided that she didn’t feel like going to a movie… and Kyle told her RIGHT away “We are going”  Once they got into the car, he told her to close her eyes and he tied a blindfold around her eyes.  Hannah knew RIGHT away that something was up.  He drove her to their destination and led her RIGHT up a long flight of stairs.  Once they reached the top and got into a room, Kyle told her to take her blind fold off.  She opened her eyes to see a spacious suite, a king sized bed covered in rose petals, champagne, a dozen roses, and Kyle had dropped RIGHT down on his LEFT knee in front of her.  After a sweet and mushy moment he asked her if she would marry him.  She was in shock by everything that had happened so she didn’t answer RIGHT away, but once she did… you obviously know the answer.  She knew that he was Mr. RIGHT so the only RIGHT answer to his question was Yes.  RIGHT away they took a dozen pictures, and made even more phone calls, but they never LEFT their suite all night.  They enjoyed the wonderful suite for the night and celebrated together.  I believe the Facebook quote says it all “The best night of my life to date.”
After Kyle graduated from graduate school, he LEFT Bowling Green and moved in with Hannah in Strongsville.  Together they have lived together for about a year.  It wasn’t RIGHT away, but it didn’t take them very long to get a little bitty kitten together.  Much wedding planning has consumed their time over the past year or two.  But after all of this time the only step LEFT to complete their happily ever after, and that is to finally getting married to each other.  Which they will be doing in the RIGHT way by having a wonderful wedding in front of all of their friends and family.  Just think in less than 2 months from now Hannah is going to walk RIGHT down the aisle and finally marry her Mr. RIGHT, and then they  will become Mr. and Mrs. Right together."
I wish that I had a picture of the hug Hannah and I shared afterwards.  I think we were both teary eyed, and it was a really nice moment.  I think it was a great way to end the shower, and I'm glad that we included it in.