Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Engagement Session

 On October 5th 2014, Cody and I met with Carol Malick (our wedding photographer) to get our engagement pictures taken! 
I knew that for our engagement pictures that I wanted to get my nails done.  I was thinking about going to get a manicure, but I decided that I didn't want to ruin my nails with those kind of fake nails.  So I went to Walgreens and I bought Kiss everlasting nails instead.  I thought they were adorable!! 
The morning of our engagement shoot I woke up extra early and headed out to North Ridgeville to see Hannah's little sister Sam. She helped me get my nails on and she did my hair and make up for me.  This was super nice of her because she had been at homecoming the night before and was super sleepy.  But I really appreciate her helping me out!
Cody and I barely left the house on time because I was running around doing last minute things.  We had to be in Akron by 1pm.  When we met Carol she had her assistant with her.  It was a pretty chilly day in October when we went for the photo shoot.  We met her at a Manor Care place that was actually very beautiful.  We started by walking way out to this court house building to take a couple pictures against.  The part that you can't tell in the pictures was that we actually had jackets with us.  We would hand our jackets to her assistant, Carol would snap a couple quick pictures, we would get our jackets back on and walk to a new area.
We were just walking around and Carol would see a spot that she liked... we'd stop and snap a picture or two.  Carol would have us pose in different positions.  It was all very quick and pretty painless.
For some reason the pictures aren't transferring to my blog very well.  I think that it because they have so much detail in them.  If you look at them printed or on Facebook they look really nice.
Here we are at the Manor Care place.  They had a whole pond with a water feature and this pretty bridge for the background.
We left that Manor Care place and stopped at a Walgreens down the road. Cody and I were confused on why we stopped there, but as we started walking we realized that some of the surrounding buildings had pretty cool backgrounds. Carol wanted to take this picture above to "tell a story."  She said she thought it was funny how dollied up I was and that Cody had on his tennis shoes  (I thought he looked awesome by the way).
And thanks to my maid of honor for this whole outfit!  Hannah loaned me everything from the dress, white shawl, and shoes to me.  I thought it was really cute and it matched my wedding colors.  It was a very girly outfit.
After taking pictures against different buildings, Carol led us down an alleyway where there was a ton of graffiti.  She told us to go ahead and keep our jackets on for these pictures, because they fit the theme of the area.  You can't tell in the pictures but the walls had things written all over them.  Carol's team photo shopped all of the dirty words out.  There was also glass everywhere in the alley so we had to be really careful walking.
Honestly though... I think that the pictures from this area were some of my favorites of the whole session.  This one is actually my Facebook profile picture now!
There was a platform above us that Carol could climb up to.  So she got up there and took a couple pictures from above us.  Something that I've learned from looking at all of the engagement pictures of Cody and I kissing... is that I pucker too much!!!  I think that I look weird in all the kissy pictures.  I'm glad I realized this now in our engagement pictures so that I won't pucker as much in our wedding pictures.
Here is another one of her taking it from above us.  I like this one much more than the kiss one.
Another common pose that she asked us to do was to go nose to nose with each other.  Here is a cute picture that we took in the middle of town.  She took a picture on the opposite side through the water too, but it must not have turned out well because it didn't show up in our album.
After taking pictures in a couple of locations we actually changed outfits.  We stopped at a McDonald's and changed.  And to my horror one of my nails broke off!!!  Luckily it was on my right hand so I could hide it.  But I'll have to remember if I ever buy those nails again to bring the glue with me incase one falls off!!  I didn't think there was any chance of that happening, because when Sam was putting them on me we actually had one on wrong that we wanted to take off.  I had to soak it in nail polish remover and wait 20 minutes before I could barely scrap it off.  I have no clue how this one just magically popped off.
These are pictures randomly around town.
This was in front of a vent.
I can't believe how much I look like my mom in this picture!!!
We parked right in the heart of downtown Akron and started walking around.  There was a wall behind an apartment building with all of kinds of "drunk teletubbies" painted on it.  This was actually a huge mural, but we only took a picture in front of one of them.  It actually is a pretty interesting picture.
This was the building next to the mural.  She told me to hop on Cody's back and have him twirl me around.  I honestly did not think this was going to go well, but here we are mid-twirl.  I think it turned out pretty cute.
Here was an old movie theatre in downtown Akron.  She had us sit down and take a picture against the neat wood work.  She told us at the time this picture was going to be in black and white, but I've only seen the color ones so far.
Here we are in front of the new Akron library.  The architecture of all of the new libraries that are being built is so interesting.  They are all such modern designs.  She was going to have us sit down like the other picture, but there was gum everywhere so we stayed standing. 
The best thing about being with Carol was that we were never in one location for a long time.  We kept going to different areas and taking pictures in different spots.  Here we are against a mural.
Then there was an area of all of these old buildings that we hopped onto and took some pictures.
It was really neat background.
She actually shot this picture through stairs.
This was one of my favorite pictures from the whole day.  I think this one will end up framed.  :)

Here are our mini save the dates (front and back) that came included in our package.  The only downside was that we didn't get to choose the pictures that she used for them.  The pictures that she selected were nice, but they probably wouldn't have been our first choices... but with that said they still look nice. They are pretty small though and don't say "save the date" on them.  So I don't know what we are going to do with them.  Maybe we'll just add them into the save the dates we buy or maybe we'll pass them out at the wedding?  I don't know yet.
My favorite part of getting our pictures back was the slideshow that Carol made for us.  I thought that it was awesome!  Click on the link above to look at it.  Overall, I think we had a really fun day with Carol.  She is super sweet and I think we'll have a good time with her during our wedding.  The photo session seemed to go quick and we got some nice photos out of it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jacqueline's baby shower

August 23rd 2014 was Jacqueline's baby shower.  I got to ride down to Columbus to Jacqueline's parents house with these three lovely ladies!  We were very prompt and we were actually the first people to the shower.  Girl power!  Now I have to say I am starting to take my reputation as the "family photographer" to heart, and I'm starting to get a little proud of some of my pictures.  I like photo journalism or capturing moments as they happen... check out some of my pictures below.

Hannah and the girls!  I'm pretty sure this picture ended up being a Facebook profile picture... just saying!


 Aunt Sherry with her newest daughter in law Katelynn!  Isn't the view of Jacqueline's parents house unbelievable??  And it's not too shabby of a picture either ;)

I love this picture of Jacqueline, her baby bump, and Katelynn enjoying the view!!   I won't lie... I saw them talking and I was waiting for the right moment to take it.  I think this is my favorite picture of the shower.

Aunt Sherry is the master of games.  Here she was starting to play her baby edition of "The Price is Right".

We had two rounds of different categories. The first was Bath Time and the other was On the Go.  Aunt Sherry had a list of items and we had to guess the cost of each item and whoever was closest to the actual retail price of the showcase without going over moved on the showcase show down.  

Here are "Sherry's Beauties" modeling some of the showcase items.

Robyn was one of the finalist that made it to the final showcase!

The final showcase was baby OSU gear.  Such an adorable idea for Aaron and Jacqueline's baby boy.  I could tell that Aunt Sherry was so proud of her idea, and in the end I think that the game was a SUPER good idea for a baby shower, because in the end Jacqueline was the real winner because Aunt Sherry gave her all of the super cute stuff she used in all the showcases.

Aaron and the other guys came to the shower a little bit before we started unwrapping presents.  Here is Aunt Sherry showing him the OSU showcase.  I think he was pretty excited by it.

Then it was time to open presents!  And boy did they have a bunch!  They had so many that we had to take an "intermission" after opening half of the presents to get some dessert.

And the desserts were super cute!!  Look at those little mustaches on those cupcakes!  It kind of makes me think of the Mario Brothers haha.

Here is Jacqueline and her sister.  Her sister was keeping track of who bought her what.  Her sister is also going to have a baby a couple months after Aaron and Jacqueline's baby is born.

This was such a cute idea that I had to take a picture of it and show it.  The "roses" in this bouquet are actually little boys socks rolled up to look like roses.  Such a creative and cute idea.

Present opening!

Katelynn was the designated "Present Taker-Awayer"  Once Jacqueline opened a present, Katelynn took it to another room for her so that she didn't get overwhelmed by the presents. 

I think that Aaron and Jacqueline got a lot of really nice things at the shower that will help them when the baby comes.  It was nice to get to go out there and hang out with everyone.  Even after the shower we all went over to Matthew and Robyn's for pizza and games.  It was a fun night.  I can't wait until when their baby is born and find out what they name him.  I think that he is expected to arrive any day now.

Eric Jeffery Charles

Our second nephew was born on July 20th 2014, weighing 9lbs 8oz and was 21.5 in long. 

Meet Eric Jeffery Charles.

 New born pictures!  Aren't those cheeks so adorable??

I think this was one of my favorite pictures.

Sleeping at home with daddy.

Mommy and baby.

 Kelsie watching over him as he's sleeping.

We were hoping that Amber was going to have Eric by the 4th of July so that we could see him while we were there, but he wasn't ready to come by then.  We had to wait just over a month after he was born to make it back out to Hancock.  Finally over Labor Day weekend we were able to see him.  We didn't get into Hancock until about 10pm but Amber and Chance's was our first stop.  This is the picture of me holding him for one of the first times, and I'd like to point out that he is yawning in this picture and not crying.  He was a very sweet baby and really didn't make much of a fuss at all.  That first night Cody and I both snuggled him for a bit while he slept.

The next day Deb came over to see us.  Here she is with Eric.  We ended up giving Amber and the baby a little bit of space and went out to lunch with each other at a new spot in town.

Later on that day we met up at Deb's house.  Here are my two nephews with each other!  Davey was being really good around the baby.  I think he made some of us a little nervous at first because he was excited, but he was gentle and did good with him.  I love this picture of the two of them.

Auntie Krista!  

Who's that??  It's grandma!  I really like this picture too.

My baby holding a baby!  Doesn't he look so sweet??  Love this picture of them!
My turn to hold him!  He's such a little sweetie.  By this time I was starting to get more comfortable holding him.  This is one of the first times that I've ever held a little baby so I was a little nervous at first.  And my arms were hurting!!  I'm going to need to get some more practice in.

Cody and Chance with Eric.  I was surprised by how much Cody and Chance are starting to look like each other.  I've looked through all of their pictures from when they were younger and they never really looked the same, but I think as they are getting older they are starting to look more and more like each other.

Cody and I were kind of like fish out of water when we were passing the baby to each other.  Since we've gotten home we've been holding our cats like babies and supporting their heads as we pass them to each other.  Haha we are goofs... but we have to get practice somehow!  But we were so happy that we were able to go back and see the baby while he was still so little.  We have high hopes that they might be able to make it out for Thanksgiving this year with us, but we'll see.  You can't help it when you hold a little baby it kinda makes you want one.  Cody and I were talking baby names on the way home, but we aren't planning on having any babies for a while!  We have too many places to go first, but after that Eric might get a little cousin.  :)